Monthly Archives: July 2001

Luminous Flux

The Luminous Flux installation represents moving vertical edges in an incoming video signal in one color, and moving horizontal edges in another. As participants interact with the piece in real time, the visual accumulation of their motions is output to … Continue reading


Arc Tangent

Arc Tangent is an interactive installation that activates the physical space between people by creating visual consequences to their bodies’ locations. As people approach a circular floor projection, dynamic real-time drawings are created based on people’s positions and movements around … Continue reading


Drawing From Life

The Drawing from Life installation was developed as a commission for the ‘Genomic Revolution’ show at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The exhibit opened in May 2001 and ran through January 1, 2002. In this piece … Continue reading


Come To Pieces

Come To Pieces is an interactive video installation in which a fragmented video portrait of gallery visitors is generated in real time from four different live camera feeds. Imagine seeing yourself from four different angles at once. Four views are … Continue reading



see/saw is an interactive installation in which visitors’ manipulations of a real see-saw control the fluctuation of power and emotion in the story of an intimate relationship. A pair of words are projected on the walls behind the people on … Continue reading


External Measures, 2001

This interactive installation explores the possibilities of an projected kinetic sculpture that responds to people’s positions and movements using video tracking. The kinetic sculpture is a projected image, but the positions, velocity, and existence of various parts of the sculpture … Continue reading



In the Crossing installation participants encounter a still video projection of abstract black lines on a blue background. Moving into an area tracked by an overhead camera causes the image fragment and ripple in front of one’s body. As participants … Continue reading