In the Crossing installation participants encounter a still video projection of abstract black lines on a blue background. Moving into an area tracked by an overhead camera causes the image fragment and ripple in front of one’s body. As participants move back and forth they may eventually cross a perceptual threshold—recognizing the warped and curving lines as the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. The video in this piece is a slow zoom out from the cables of the bridge. The strange warping and fragmentation is created by Utterback’s software that deconstructs the video frame as the unit of playback. User’s motions cause vertical slices of each video frame to advance and retreat independently from other parts of the frame. The closer one moves to the projection, the more recognizable features of the bridge are visible. When one leaves the space, the piece settles seamlessly back to its original close up of the cables against the sky.

Ken Freed, Boston, MA

Exhibition History:
Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York, NY. 2001