Luminous Flux



The Luminous Flux installation represents moving vertical edges in an incoming video signal in one color, and moving horizontal edges in another. As participants interact with the piece in real time, the visual accumulation of their motions is output to a monitor or projection screen. A magical and fleeting effect is created as abstract traces of time are captured and then fade slowly away. Everyday trajectories of limbs and bodies are frozen for a moment—allowing us to briefly glimpse their beauty. Alternatively, if a participant stands still, her image will disappear, dissolving in a ghostly fashion. Motion becomes presence, and stillness absence.

Exhibition History:
MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA. 2002

Custom Commissions for Shiseido Cosmetics:
Dia Arts Annex, New York, NY. 2001
The Jungugalen Kaigakan-mae,Tokyo, Japan. 2001
Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris, France. 2001