Text Rain

Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv


Text Rain is an interactive installation in which participants use the familiar instrument of their bodies, to do what seems magical—to lift and play with falling letters that do not really exist. In the Text Rain installation participants stand or move in front of a large projection screen. On the screen they see a mirrored video projection of themselves in black and white, combined with a color animation of falling letters. Like rain or snow, the letters appears to land on participants’ heads and arms. The letters respond to the participants’ motions and can be caught, lifted, and then let fall again. The falling text will ‘land’ on anything darker than a certain threshold, and ‘fall’ whenever that obstacle is removed. If a participant accumulates enough letters along their outstretched arms, or along the silhouette of any dark object, they can sometimes catch an entire word, or even a phrase. The falling letters are not random, but form lines of a poem about bodies and language. ‘Reading’ the phrases in the Text Rain installation becomes a physical as well as a cerebral endeavor.

Partial Exhibition List:
Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA. 2009 Fundacio La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain. 2007

Time Warner Center, New York, NY. 2006

Itaú Cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil. 2006

Austria at ARCO, Medialab Madrid, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain. 2006

WRO International Media Art Biennale, The National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland. 2005

La Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT), Montréal, Canada. 2004

LiteraturWERKstatt, Kulturforum, Berlin, Germany. 2004

The Lighthouse, Brighton, United Kingdom. 2002

Taiwan Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan. 2001

Space and Spatiality Master Class, Kolding Design School, Kolding, Denmark. 2001

Kiev International Media Art Festival, Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine. 2001

Microwave International Media Art Festival, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong. 2001

The Boston CyberArts Festival, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA. 2001

WRO Biennale, WRO Center for Media Art, Wroclaw, Poland. 2001

Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. 2001

Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria. 2000 – 2001

Montevideo / Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 2000

Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea. 2000

SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana. 2000

European Media Art Festival 2000, Osnabruck, Germany. 2000

NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japan. 2000

Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY. 2000

New Langton Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2000

New York University, New York, NY. 1999

as customized commissions:
Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, PA. 2001-2002

(for Shiseido Cosmetics)
Dia Arts Annex, New York, NY. 2001

The Jungugalen Kaigakan-mae,Tokyo, Japan. 2001

Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris, France. 2001

(for Herman Miller)
Herman Miller Showroom, Chicago, IL. 2001

OLB media art prize at the European Media Art Festival. 2000

Fundacio La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain.

Ken Freed, Boston, Masachusetts, USA.

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

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