2010 !WAR: Women Art Revolution – interview by Lynn Hershman Leeson, Artist Interview: 32 mins 58 secs

Lynn Hershman Leeson interviewed Utterback for her groundbreaking documentary film, !WAR: Women Art Revolution. The film and related archive provide first-person histories of the pioneering individuals and key founding members of the feminist art movement in the United States, along with younger generation of artists influenced by them. Hershman’s complete interviews with all the artists and critics featured in the documentary are available on the !WAR archive housed at the Stanford Digital Collections Website.

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2009 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, Artist Profile: 2 mins 28 secs

2009 MacArthur Fellow profile video produced by The MacArthur Foundation. Utterback’s profile page on the MacArthur website also includes high resolution press photos of the artist in her studio.

2009 UC Berkeley ATC Colloquium, Artist lecture: 82 mins
Camille presented the talk, “Luscious Complexity: Transcending the Doohickey” at the UC Berkeley Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium.
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2009 FINC Toronto 2009, Artist Lecture: 61 mins
For the 2009 FITC Toronto Festival Camille presented the Lecture, “Responding to Bodies: My Work is Watching You.”
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2009, Interactive Art: Playing with Light video, Artist Profile: 4 mins 29 secs.

Camille and her interactive installation work are featured in a video on Wired Magazine’s Gadget Lab. Produced by Wired Magazine. Read the related article on Wired’s website.

2008 National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Louisville Art Hotel Offers Room with A View, Feature: 5mins 52sec
Feature on 21c Art Hotel. References Text Rain, which is part of their permanent collection.

2005 KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny, “Brides of Frankenstein” Exhibit, Round Table Discussion: 51 mins 58sec
On Forum, Camille discusses the exhibition “Brides of Frankenstein” with Marcia Tanner and Sabrina Raaf

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