Light Field


Light Field, is part of a set of works that combine hand fabricated glass elements with projected digital media.

The hand blown glass elements of Light Field were created at a residency at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington where Utterback worked with master glassblowers and to produce the custom glass components of the work. The glass in Light Field was blown by Dante Marioni and Mikey Cozza with Camille picking and laying out the embedded glass chips.

The piece consists of eight hand formed glass elements, three micro projectors, three videos projection mapped to align with the opaque glass chips in the glass, and a custom built table.

The video in Light Field was shot in the fields and meadows around Pilchuck while Utterback was in residence there. Since the video of each projector is mapped to align with specific opaque chips in each piece of glass, with all the rest of the video blacked out, the overall effect of the installation is that pieces of video are hanging or embedded like amber in each piece of glass. Projected light landing on a curved chip of glass creates a curved projection, so the sense of dimensionality in this work is much different than projected light on a flat surface.

With this and her other glass & projection works, Utterback is interested in pushing the possibilities of projection surfaces, creating situations that take advantage of our depth perception and understanding of physical materials.

This piece was first shown at Utterback’s solo show Sustaining Presence at The Stanford Art Gallery in 2017.

Project Team:

Glass: Dante Marioni and Mikey Cozza

Projection Mapping: Simona Fitcal

Table Fabrication: Jeff Scott-Stevens