Dances of the Sacred & Profane


Project Team:
Choreographed & Directed by – Mark Foehringer Dance Project | SF
Interactive & Visual Design by – Camille Utterback
danceroom Spectroscopy System by – Dr. David Glowacki
danceroom Spectroscopy  Visual Design – Phill Tew
Live Generative Audio – Dr. Michael St. Clair
Lighting Design – Michael Oesch
Production Direction – Frédéric O. Boulay

Dances of the Sacred and Profane (DSP) is an hour-long collaborative dance work premiering at The Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Inspired by music and art of the Impressionist period, DSP explores timing, memory and angles through dance, music, and motion capture projection utilizing a real-time particle physics system. Camille captures and manipulates the dancers’ movements using onstage cameras which are projected onto large multi-panel projection screens. She is interested in the way the images offer a visceral connection between the real and the virtual as well as helping viewers appreciate the incredible particle dynamics that our physical world is built on.

Camille and choreographer Mark Foehringer began discussing the possibility of a collaboration in 2011 when they met at Djerassi Artists Residency. To create the interactive visuals for this performance, Camille uses danceroom Spectroscopy (dS), developed by David Glowacki, which utilizes real time 3D motion capture to generate molecular simulations in which people are visualized as energy fields within an atomic world. Camille worked with Glowacki and his team to modify the visualizations to fit with the themes of the choreography and sound design, which also is generated from the dancers’ movements. The projected graphics are not simply images of the dancers, but instead augment and react to details of the choreography that is repeated in sequence, like brush strokes in a painting. This is the first time Camille has created imagery based on choreographed movements of trained dancers, as opposed to the movements of the general public.

Dancers – Raphaël Boumaïla, Sonja Dale, Jamielyn Duggan, Brian Fisher, and Cooper Neely
Videography by – Brett Bowman (Panoramic Cloud Video), Dana Hemenway (Sunken Cathedral)
Stage Manager – Laura Anderson
Assistant to the Director – Thomas Woodman
Project Intern – Melissa Kaufman-Gomez

The Dance ran from September 13-14 and 18-21 in 2014 at The Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.