Talk at UC San Diego for Design@Large

Wednesday Nov. 14, 2018, 4pm

Join Camille at UC San Diego for Designing for Humans – An Artist’s Perspective, part of the Design@Large lecture series.

Design@Large is a quarterly seminar series hosted by the UC San Diego Design Lab, featuring distinguished academic and industry speakers within design. The series aims to showcase the ever-evolving, interdisciplinary nature of design in a real-world context. These talks are open and free to the public.

Click this link for more information and to see a video of the talk.

How might we more specifically and subtly respond to our embodied reality using interaction design? Could our computationally based systems represent deeper and more specific histories?  What are the possibilities for incorporating richer materiality even while designing for the digital world? Artist Camille Utterback will explore these issues as themes running through her large body of award winning interactive installation work. She will also show behind the scenes looks and offer design tips she has learned in her many years developing large scale public artworks.