November 17, 2022 - February 12, 2023

Neil Mendoza, Iván Navarro, Camille Utterback, Robert Rauschenberg 

curated by Brandee Caoba

INTERPLAY is a grouping of four interactive installations, including Neil Mendoza’s Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine, Iván Navarro’s Reality Show (Black), Robert Rauschenberg’s Eco-Echo, and Camille Utterback’s Untitled 5. Activated by the body, each installation creates situations that enhance, disrupt and alter perception, calling attention to the dichotomy between art and technology.

The role of the audience is unique to the ever-changing composition of each art piece, creating an interdependent relationship between artist, artwork and viewer. This exhibition informs and engages audiences through sound, movement and bearing witness. Some artworks prompt physical gestures from the body, while others challenge the mind—illuminating how the animate controls the inanimate and vice versa. These works playfully explore curious and amusing perceptions of human reality, particularly how we interact with technology.

Robert Rauschenberg’s Eco-Echo, from the exhibition announcement

Hyperallergic’s announcement describes each work included in the exhibition.