Artist Talk at The University of Utah

March 22, 2017 4:30pm

Adventures in Interactive Art – From Falling Text to Projection Mapped Glass

Talk Description:
Artist Camille Utterback’s interactive installations combine innovative technology, elegant design, and surprising situations to reconnect us to our physicality, to each other, and to the world around us.

For many years, Utterback has created work using live camera data and software code, exploring the intersection of physical gestures and computational systems. In Text Rain (1999), her landmark video tracking work, participants use their bodies to catch and play with projected lines of a poem. More recently, Utterback has integrated her work into architectural infrastructures – activating sites such as hand railings and elevator call buttons to shift people’s temporal experience of a shared physical site. Her newest work combines projection mapping with custom glass panels and hand blown glass objects to explore the potential for display surfaces that address the subtleties of our depth perception. In this talk, Utterback will show documentation of her interactive installations and discuss both her artistic and technical processes. She will muse on the continuing interplay between time and materiality in her work, and discuss the role of contemporary art practice in our shared future.

Watch a video of the talk here.