Radiant Cache


The Radiant Cache series, is a set of works that combine hand fabricated glass elements with projected digital media.

The current two pieces in the series include Eucalyptus and Palm.

In each piece, custom kiln formed blocks of glass are mounted in frames with an attached pico projector held at a certain distance and projecting back onto the glass block. Video of trees whipping in the wind are altered and mapped to fit on each block. Light catching on the opaque pieces of glass in different depths of each block creates the illusion that the light is emanating from different depths of the glass. The effect is as if one is looking into a tide pool or other situation where depth is present, but inscrutable.

The kiln formed glass elements of the Radiant Cache series were created at a residency at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington where Utterback worked with master glassblowers to produce the custom glass elements for her work. Abram Deslauriers assisted her with the kiln formed glass in these pieces, which were made by firing recycled pieces of blown glass, and chips and pieces of cane made for other projects. Utterback composed and layered the opaque elements with clear glass directly in the kiln before firing each block.

With this and her other glass & projection works, Utterback is interested in pushing the possibilities of projection surfaces, creating situations that take advantage of our depth perception and understanding of physical materials.

This piece was first shown at Utterback’s solo show Sustaining Presence at The Stanford Art Gallery in 2017.