Text Rain on NPR’s Morning Edition

Dec 23, 2008

Text Rain is featured on NPR’s Morning Edition in Elizabeth Blair’s five-minute spot on the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, KY.

Text Rain is permanently installed in the 21c hotel lobby.

View the feature which includes a link to listen to the story.

From the story:

Charles Venable, the director of the Speed Art Museum, Kentucky’s largest and oldest art museum, thinks 21c is a good model for how his more traditional museum could evolve in the future.

“I think what they’re doing down there is very relevant to a lot of people,” says Venable. “Because it is commercial, they combine a restaurant, a bar, a place where you can stay — and they have great art there as well. It’s the combination of different parts of culture that make it so special, whereas older-style museums tend to parse that out in ways that don’t make it as meaningful for a lot of people.”