Momentum: Women/Art/Technology at Rutgers University

March 5, 2015

Momentum: Women/Art/Technology features two exhibitions at the Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus. Camille will be participating in a group exhibition alongside Emilia Forstreuter, Jennifer Hall, Claudia Hart, Yael Kanarek, Jeannette Louie, Ranu Mukherjee, Mary Bates Neubauer, Marie Sivak, Adrianne Wortzel, and Janet Zweig, on view in Mary H. Women Artist Series Galleries.

The 2015 Momentum: Women/Art/Technology exhibitions focus on the use of technology in the creation of artworks that straddle traditionalist and modern day technology-based art practice. They range from screen work, robotic works and performance documentation, to works combining stone and video; to algorithmically generated books of personal writings; to sculptures and prints created by analyzing data; to hypnotic videos that overlay painterly imagery, emotional analysis, and ambiguous spaces.

For information regarding the exhibition as well as additional programming visit Momentum’s website.