Computer History Museum Talk and Screening

Friday July 22nd, 2022 at 7pm

Camille will discuss her work along with a screening of historic computer generated films by Stan VanDerBeek, John Whitney, and Lillian Schwartz.

Films screened include:

Stan VanDerBeek, “Poemfield No. 7” (1967–68)

John Whitney, “Permutations” (1968)

Lillian Schwartz, “Pixillation” (1970)

Event Link: Innovative Computer Art – Past and Present

The evening will begin with a screening of selections from The Computer History Museum’’s new exhibition, “Early Computer Films, 1963-72” and a discussion of them by curator David C. Brock and Utterback. 

Utterback will then present on her work today at the intersection of technology and art, and how it resonates with earlier intersections. 

This event will create a dialog around early computer films and how they paved the way for cutting-edge art-installations using today’s technology.