Camille to Speak at INST-INT at the Walker Art Center

October 29, 2013

Camille is excited to  participation in  INST-INT, a gathering  focused on sharing insights and experiences from the field of interactive installation. Camille will be part of a panel discussion and lead a session entitled “Backup Plan.”

Great ideas and technology create ever-new opportunities to bring projects to life everywhere and anywhere imaginable. Along with this opportunity comes the inevitable trials and challenges of site specific work. One-off projects made for one-off locations can make you pull your hair out, and/or go broke in the process. The volume of variables, old and new, can be overwhelming: unpredictable environments, bleeding edge technology, custom fabrication, code, bugs, insects, greasy fingers, hackers, crashers, crashes, caches, spoilers, laws, landlords, curators, committees, workers, shippers, solder, electricity, sunlight, moonlight, fluorescent light, reflections, bad ideas, egos, feasibility, durability, production planning, scope, scale, budgets, and on, and on.

What knowledge can be applied from previous experiences and what has to be learned on-the-fly, on a per project basis? Do you always have to start from square one?

INST-INT aims to arm you with insights, and expand your ability to prepare and execute projects in this exciting, but complex, sometimes harrowing, and ever-shifting field. We want INST-INT to help your next, or first, installation endeavor to be a success.

To that end we’re bringing together an A-list of practitioners from the field to share what they’ve learned along the way. Alone, they’re amazing. Together, we suspect the wealth of insight and experience will be a pretty special thing.

The Format. 2 days, 250 attendees. We’ll present a single track of presentations peering into the many aspects of working in this field. Expect lots of facilitated Q&A + discussion. And we’ll also include opportunities for attendees to present their work & experiences. (Show & Tell.) And of course, there will be some serious socializing in the evenings.

Tickets are limited, registration ends November 8th.