Berkeley Big Bang Conference

Jun 03, 2008

Watch video of Camille Utterback’s artist talk at the UC Berkeley Big Bang Conference here.

Brilliant Noise: How Data Becomes Experience for Artists and for Scientists: Camille Utterback

Berkeley Big Bang 08 was three days of new media and art hosted by BAM/PFA and the Berkeley Center for New Media, timed to link with 01SJ: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, a new media art biennial taking place June 4–8, 2008 in San Jose. Occurring together for the first time, these two events combined to create one of the nation’s largest gatherings of new media art, a virtual “big bang” of innovation and creativity.

The Berkeley Big Bang program included a two-day symposium on new media, art, science, and the body in partnership with Berkeley Center for New Media and Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology; a campus media lab demonstration and open house; and an alternate reality game. Berkeley Big Bang was presented in tandem with BAM/PFA exhibitions of work by media artists Trevor Paglen, Jim Campbell, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Scott Snibbe.

Camille Utterback, Interactive Video Artist, Inventor, and Founder of Creative Nerve

Most information about the world in which we live is now mediated by instruments. This data is often visualized and sonified, both to aid analysis and to communicate with other researchers, but artists, too, can make this data meaningful and “sensual.” The same data sets can lead to very different kinds of work. One person’s noise is another person’s sound.